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Football Life Kinetik – coordinations drills #15

Coordination is important for every sport, and this is doubly true for football. Therefore, I prepared a coordination drills connected with Life Kinetik. With life [...]

Speed reactions with a ball #14

Another football training to develop the speed of reaction with the ball. You can also train this reaction training at home and thus develop the [...]

Football skills at home | Ball control | Ball mastery #13

Other football skills that you can train at home. The basis of football is football technic, which means good ball control and ball masters. These [...]

Football passing drills for beginners | Ball control at home #12

This football passing drills for beginners is designed mainly for training in small spaces. It is a very simple football exercise where the beginner develops [...]

Football ball control skills at home | football skills set #11

Football ball control skills at home. Another football exercise at home in which you improve and develop your football skills. When you train at home, [...]

Coordination workouts #10

Coordination exercises at home and for children. Another example of how you can train coordination at home without any special aids. Developing and improving coordination [...]

How to train at home football skills #9

If you want to be a better footballer, you also need to train at home. In the video, we develop and improve football skills. How [...]

Life kinetik at home #8

Life kinetics at home. Life Kinetik is a physical training that playfully increases the efficiency of the brain and at the same time develops the [...]

4 Ball mastery for kids #7

Ball mastery for kids. Ball control is the basis of football technique. Ball masters for children at home. You can also train at home and [...]

10 coordination exercises at home #6

10 coordination exercises at home. You can combine this coordination exercise with other exercises to create your own workout at home. I used a towel [...]