Football training at home for kids #3 –

Football training at home for kids #3

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Football training at home for kids. Football training is focused on technique development and also includes “Life Kinetik” exercises. Exercises are designed for children in categories U10, U11, U12, but also for smaller categories U7, U8, U9 even if they do not manage it in such intensity but mainly to try it. They will do it for a long time, but we want to move. Training can also be for the elderly if they do it in high intensity.

Football training includes:

  • 2 ball mastery to develop and improve football skills
  • 2 ball mastery in 2 variations
  • 5 exercises “Life Kinetik


  • place 1,5m x 2m
  • 1 soccer ball
  • 2 small balls (tennis balls)