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Life kinetik at home #8

Life kinetics at home. Life Kinetik is a physical training that playfully increases the efficiency of the brain and at the same time develops the [...]

10 coordination exercises at home #6

10 coordination exercises at home. You can combine this coordination exercise with other exercises to create your own workout at home. I used a towel [...]

Football skills for kids at home #5

Football skills for kids at home. Football skills are the foundation of soccer and now is the perfect time to develop and improve technical skills. [...]

Pass drills at home | Senseball #3

Football pass training at home. Football passes can also be developed at home. This time I used a homemade senseball. I used women’s nylon stockings. [...]

Speed reaction training at home for kids #2

Speed reaction in football is very important. Today’s football is very fast and the speed of reaction can decide. The video contains 8 reaction exercises [...]

Football passing drills at home | 570 passes #1

How to train passes at home? Quite simply. A small square will suffice. In this football passing drills at home, you will make 570 passes [...]

Ball mastery and coordination #1

Ball Mastery and coordinations for beginners. Football training at home. This time must be used to develop skills and of course, power. Training includes: 5 [...]

Football ball mastery and strenght #2

Another football training at home for kids. Training is focused on the development of technique and strength. Exercises are designed for children in categories U10, [...]

Football training at home for kids #3

Football training at home for kids. Football training is focused on technique development and also includes “Life Kinetik” exercises. Exercises are designed for children in [...]

Train at home | football skills and passing #4

How to train at home. Another football training for those who have to stay at home and train. This football training is focused on the [...]